School Overview

Situated in the beautiful Li’ao township, Ouhai District, Wenzhou, China, Peking University New Century School – Wenzhou is a full-time school under direct administration of Wenzhou Education Bureau. The campus occupies an area of 25 acres with a floor space of 1,076,391ft2 and Likeda STEAM Student Campsite 1,076,391ft2. The School consists of both elementary, middle and high departments with a student population of over 2,900.

With its roots deep in the cultural tradition of Peking University, the School draws on the advanced educational philosophies from home and abroad, and sets “Independence, Confidence, Inclusivity and Creativity” as its motto. It provides students with the most suitable pathways to success and prepares them to be future talents with a Chinese soul, modern thinking and a global vision.

Headmaster’s Biography

Dr. Maofa Huang is the Principal of the School. He was awarded Best Young Teacher of Zhejiang Province and Outstanding Teacher of Wenzhou. He worked and studied in the United States for 6 years and earned his Doctor’s degree in Education from Kean University USA. He served successively as Vice Principal of Wenzhou Foreign Language School, Director of Academic Affairs Office at Wenzhou – Kean University, and Assistant to Executive VP of Kean University USA. As an expert in elementary,secondary, and higher education, Dr. Huang firmly believes that Peking University New Century School – Wenzhou will carry on the spirit of the best higher education institution in China and remain true to essence of education.

School Motto

Independence, Confidence, Inclusivity, and Creativity

Schooling Features

Enrichment programs facilitate our students’ all-round development;
Small-size classes build up our students’ confidence;
Theme classes insure our students’ individual excellence;
Residential life prepares our students to be more independent;
Engaging activities enable our students to flourish in their own way.